Open API flexibility / CloudScene OS

Open API flexibility
CloudScene is all about displaying any information on any kind of screen; whether static, moving or interactive. This means the system may be utilised in all manner of vertical applications not commonly associated with signage – such as process monitoring or kiosks.

The Application Interface (API) provides the key to handling requests from external services to control displays. By creating custom web applications, you can utilise CloudScene in non-traditional ways to gain more sales opportunities; for example by interactively controlling displays (via touch, Twitter, SMS, email etc), interfacing to databases and other live information feeds and formatting the data, as well as triggering different playlists in response to external input.

Our Professional Services team can assist you in the creation of unique systems for any application from status monitoring to dynamic sign creation.

CloudScene OS
We've all seen large screens prominently displaying the Windows 'blue screen of death' or an error message dialog when something goes wrong! With CloudScene media players you can be sure that this is never going to happen, as they are running on our own customised version of Linux, designed to integrate tightly with the web service.

Enjoy the benefits of easy updates, fewer security issues (no virus protection needed), no on-site configuration requirement and an inherently reliable and robust system. With no additional licensing or running costs for the purchaser, it's a cost-effective solution too.