Quietly, Scene Digital has continued development of a web-based, content management and distribution platform that offers users a unique combination of flexibility, ease of use, scalability and sheer reliability – at a surprisingly low cost.

We call it CloudScene, but we haven't been shouting about it. That's because it's been developed specifically for resellers & OEMs to take to market under their own brands. And because we're confident that, once you see exactly what it can do and how well it can do it, you'll want to tell your customers about it.

At its simplest level, CloudScene offers practical solutions for putting digital content on screens; enabling any number of displays to be deployed wherever they're needed and managed remotely. There's no need for end-users to install software, manage servers or undergo extensive training.

CloudScene is comprised of a web service which securely communicates with media players (clients) connected to your screens.

The intuitive CloudScene web service allows you to control each and every one of your screens, from any location, using any modern web browser. All managed by Scene Digital and securely hosted by Amazon.

Media players all run the reliable CloudScene operating system (OS). Resellers locally procure their own compatible player (hardware) and can install the system in just a few minutes. Scene Digital provide the OS and maintain it.

Furthermore, CloudScene has an open Application Interface (API) allowing it to handle requests from external services to control displays. This means that our systems can be readily extended to display information from any source, or cater for pretty much any interactive requirement; all supported by our dedicated team of Cambridge-based developers, which enables us to provide genuinely bespoke signage and content management solutions.

It's ready to go when you are.