Rebrandable / Choice of media players

Our business model is to offer CloudScene only to OEMs and resellers, which is why we have made it completely white-label; enabling you to customise your offering and market it entirely under your own brand, using your preferred hardware – with very attractive margins. We have also included a multi-lingual interface allowing for international roll-outs.

Choice of Media Players
We're not looking to make a margin on the hardware – we'll leave that to our resellers. For supply and maintenance it also makes more sense for resellers to provide players locally.

The CloudScene OS is compatible with a wide range of x86-based hardware, and can run on compact media players or even re-purposed PCs. A document is available from Scene Digital detailing current hardware specifications which are compatible with the CloudScene OS.

We recognise that Tablets are increasingly being used as signage clients. To support this we also offer an iOS application to turn an iPad into a neat CloudScene client.

For special applications - such as integration with audience metrics software, or certain corporate environments - we also offer a full CloudScene client that runs under Windows.

The CloudScene content management service may even be targeted to non-standard embedded display devices – talk to us about your requirement.